Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Traps women fall into – Thinking a man is a financial plan

Traps women fall into – Thinking a man is a financial plan
By Doris Roper

Many women, particularly those of baby boomer age and older, rely on a man to be their financial plan. This is mainly due to conditioning that started in childhood.

The typical couple used to consist of the husband who was the breadwinner and the wife who was the homemaker and mother. Women were not encouraged to involve themselves with finances and investments. Those were considered the man’s job. As a result, women did not develop the skills to competently manage money or understand investments.

The unfortunate result of this early programming is that many women feel “dumb” about money and believe that they are not smart enough to learn. They therefore avoid the subject and continue to depend on men to take care of the finances.

When women are caught up in the subconscious belief that men are the ones who take care of the money, they face a great deal of fear and anxiety when they are suddenly confronted with divorce or widowhood. Not only do they have to deal with the emotions that come with such a life-changing event, but they also have to learn to manage a very important part of life at the same time. This is extremely difficult and these women usually feel totally lost.

Escaping the trap

Women should educate themselves as much as they can about finances. It is actually not as complicated or difficult as many believe. Take some classes, hire a financial coach or join a membership site that offers financial education and support.

Research has shown that more than 80% of women will be the sole financial decision maker at some stage in their lives. This is due to the high rate of divorce and the fact that women tend to outlive men, which leaves a great number of widows having to manage the money.

Now more than ever with the current financial crisis, it is vital that women become smart about money. When someone else manages our finances, we tend to be out of touch with the reality of our financial situation and this can cause us to spend more than we should and gets us deeper into debt. Taking control of our own financial management and increasing our skill increases our confidence and ability to face life’s challenges.

Ladies, start to become smart about money today and remember a man is NOT a financial plan!

Doris Roper is president and founder of the W.I.T. Institute - a one-stop resource for women in transition. Doris helps women to figure out how and where to start when facing a transition and plan accordingly. She is a financial life planner, certified divorce planner, mediator and author of WAKE UP your life! A woman's guide to real personal power.

See her website at http://www.witinstitute.com and the Institute's membership site at http://www.smartwomanssuccess.com

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Money and success – Three steps to becoming smart about money and thriving

Money and success – Three steps to becoming smart about money and thriving
By Doris Roper

Becoming smart with money and thriving requires more than a basic financial plan. Knowing how much you need to put away for retirement or college is all very well but to achieve your goals and dreams you need a lot more than mere time-value-of-money calculations. There are many more aspects to being successful and I will discuss three of them here.

1. Awareness

The first step is to become aware of your money blueprint. Most of us are blissfully unaware of all the underlying issues and beliefs that govern the decisions and actions we take.

Have you noticed how some people earn large salaries but are still barely able to make it? Or have you heard about lottery winners who squander all their winnings within the first few years? Why do you think this happens?

They have unconscious beliefs about money that keep them poor or struggling no matter how much money they make or receive. These beliefs usually start in early childhood. The words and actions of our parents concerning money can have a profound influence on our own beliefs about money and wealth.

Did your parents say things like “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “we can’t afford it”, “he’s stinking rich”. These are all statements of scarcity and have a negative effect on our beliefs about money.

How did your parents manage their finances – poorly or frugally? Did dad handle the finances and give mom an allowance? Did they create a lot of debt?

Delve deeper and try to discover your own unconscious programming where money is concerned.

2. Your values, purpose and vision

The next step is to discover what is important about money to you. Money means different things to different people and the amount of money you desire should line up with your values, your purpose and ultimate vision for your life.

Some people think that if they had a million dollars in the bank they would be happy, but we all know that money doesn’t buy happiness as evidenced by all the unhappy rich people in the world.

Do some soul-searching. Figure out what it is you really want, what would give you fulfillment. Ask yourself, “If money were no object, if I could do anything I want, if I had only one year to live, what would I do?” Write down whatever pops into your head no matter how silly you think it is. Don’t limit yourself by worrying about ‘how’ you can achieve it. Just let your imagination go.

3. The nitty gritty

If you realized that you have some negative beliefs about money, you should start reprogramming your mind with positive thoughts.

Hopefully, you figured out what you would really like to do and have in your life. Now you can plan accordingly. Now you can work out the numbers.

Get organized, figure out your net worth, create a spending plan, get rid of debt, establish an emergency fund that will cover 6-8 months of expenses and make sure you save for your goals.

Many people think that carrying out step three is enough. However, unless you uncover and reprogram any negative beliefs you may have about money you are likely to sabotage your own chance of success.

Step two is very important because if you do not know where you are going and what you ultimately want to achieve, you may be swayed this way and that and never reach that place of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Begin taking the necessary actions today that will help you achieve your dreams and thrive!

Doris Roper is president and founder of the W.I.T. Institute and senior partner of CRB Wealth Management in San Diego, CA. She is a financial life planner, certified divorce planner, mediator and author of WAKE UP your life! A woman's guide to real personal power.

See her website at http://www.witinstitute.com and the Institute's membership site at http://www.smartwomanssuccess.com

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Oscars are Coming

The Oscars are Coming

by Brett L. Abrams


This week, Hollywood announced its 2009 Oscar nominations. The awards ceremony will be telecast live in primetime by ABC on Sunday, February 22.

Historian Brett Abrams explores Hollywood’s roots in his book,

Hollywood Bohemians.

My curiosity about people and places has always been especially focused on the US entertainment and leisure worlds. The film culture forges a highly dramatic environment filled with stars who bask in the limelight and adulation of fans. Yet there is always a place for role players who can rise to prominence with one amazing performance. In Hollywood Bohemians, we learn how the early publicity machine around the stars forged Hollywood’s identity.

Research is detective work. There is a range of likely sources of information that one keeps in mind---local newspapers, industry publications, the papers of notable persons and organizations. I read all these sources for insight into the issues and I also look for new names and details to follow-up additional sources and ideas. I take notes everywhere I go. I whip out pen and paper anywhere that I may be and write in short bursts, from coffee houses to standing at the bus stop. I notice that I get a lot of my ideas after random contacts.

So many unusual stories about Hollywood exist that I had to fight the impulse to share them with the people around me. I laughed when I read that during Rudolph Valentino’s divorce trial, his wife testified that he liked using her perfume. It surprised me to learn that Spencer Tracy had a public romance with Loretta Young years before his relationship with Katherine Hepburn. Unbelievably, a Life magazine caption for a photograph of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard called them a couple, while mentioning that Gable was still married to another woman.

Making these stories available to the public is part of what I relish about writing history, being an archivist, and teaching. Archivists play a key role in saving original information sources that preserve the nation’s history. We make information available to others who then write new incredible stories about our world. Teaching the history of sexuality and romance, and particularly the roles that the media have in shaping our understanding of these concepts, offers me the opportunity to share stories--those I have written and those of others.

Brett Abrams is Historian in Residence at American University and Archivist at the National Archives. He is the author of Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality and the Selling of the Movieland Dream.


Visit the author at

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How Obama Won - Get a FREE Ebook with Excerpts from the Book

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Political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson examines the impact of race and gender, campaign strategy, the key political players, the nature of presidential politics, the changes in the Democratic and Republicans parties, the importance of the black, Hispanic, youth, women and blue collar white worker votes, the role of corporation and special interests in American politics. Hutchinson goes to the heart of the matter to tell us what the first African-American to win the White House means to America and the world.

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Pre Inaugural - The Hutchinson Report Bash

The Hutchinson Report

With Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Pre Obama Inaugural Bash on

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Saturday 9am – 11am
January 17, 2009

Pre Inaugural - The Hutchinson Report Bash

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Listener Call Ins 818-985-5735

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How Obama Won
by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
A Comprehensive Dissect of Obama's White House Win
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How You Can Prosper In Any Economy by Mark Tewart

How You Can Prosper In Any Economy

by Mark Tewart

In the current economy many people and businesses are thinking in terms of survival rather than prospering. Your current dominant thought patterns accurately predict your future. The root of the word scarcity is scared and success and money never follow fear. The good news is that you can not only survive but thrive in this or any other economy.

The first thing you must do to succeed is to change the questions you ask yourself. Instead of asking how you can survive, ask yourself how you can thrive. Look for problems and the opportunity gaps created by the common problems that many are encountering. Every problem brings great opportunity. The glass is not half empty and the glass is not half full. The glass is always full. It's is full of a mixture of liquid and air. It's only the limitations of your philosophy and the training of your brain that keep you from seeing that reality. However, most people feel they are being positive if they see the glass as half full. The reality is you must understand and embrace the concept that the glass is always full for you to be able to see and recognize that fact.

When you completely eliminate the possibility for anything but moving forward, succeeding and thriving, you will begin to experience the results you desire. You will completely understand and embrace any and all setbacks in your path as positive and recognize the lessons learned from them and then adjust. The key part of this equation is the philosophy of responsibility. When you make a declaration to stop blaming any and all things for your results but yourself, you will see more opportunity.

Your results and success are not based upon good or bad economies, good or bad workplaces, good or bad teachers, good or bad bosses. Your success is simply determined by you and you alone. You have the free will to determine your thoughts philosophies and actions. Massive success and massive failure have equal access and the seeds of both are sewn as easy as flipping on a switch.

If you are suffering in this economy, ask yourself what allowed your limitations to affect you or your business to be so negatively affected. One is a horrible number for business and success. Were you depending on one revenue stream, one type of customer or one product? Did you have a built in continuity program for your business and income that tend to lessen the affects of economic downturns? Have you looked to see if there is a business within your business that can be explored, created or maximized? Have you looked to speed up, slow down or create a different delivery channel or experience in that channel?

The answers are always there but you have to ask the questions and allow your imagination to attract or create the answer. Sometimes, just working harder is more of a hindrance than an effective answer to your problems. The hamster runs faster on the wheel but never reaches a destination and just gets tired and quits. There are only 1,440 minutes in every day. The answer comes in carving out a part of your day to simply be still. Be still to allow your mind to ask questions, and seek meditation for the answers. All thoughts create energy. That energy will allow matching energy. However, you have to be willing to see, feel and understand when those answers come your way. If you are not ready, you may see the glass as half empty or half full but you will never the see the glass as full. The full glass is always there, you have to be looking for it to see it.

Mark Tewart

Mark Tewart is a professional speaker, consultant, entrepreneur and author of "How To Be A Sales Superstar"



Tuesday, January 6, 2009

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